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WISI has been among the worldwide pioneers of receiving and distributing technology. As a system provider in the product areas of CATV technology, reception and distribution technology, mobile communication and high-frequency assemblies, we have learned not only to maintain the lead in technological development but to continually implement visions into new quality products.

The converging media, new multi-media choices and broadband services demand intelligent transport routes for their distribution. This is our business. As a developer and technology supplier for the key areas of communication we are committed to innovation, now and in the future.


R&M is a leading Global cabling and connectivity solution provider for high end-communication networks since 1964. We serve a wide range of industries in the sectors of Local Area Networks, Data Centers and Public Networks. Our worldwide network of over 40 subsidiaries, 10 production sites, and 1000 qualified partners ensure proximity where ever you are. Customers and partners benefit from consistently high Swiss quality standards as well as our innovative future-proof solutions.

our solutions are used by network operators, in office buildings, data centers, in apartments, as well as in industry. R&M is the market leader in Switzerland and belongs to the top players in Europe, the Middle East and in Asia. R&M achieved sales of CHF 265.1 million in 2018, with 80% of that figure being generated overseas.



The first products sold were microphones and loudspeakers. In the late ’60s, concert sound was going electric, and many loudspeaker pioneers were searching for high-powered devices to use in their designs. RCF was one of the first European OEM suppliers for international brands, thanks to the company’s experience gained building high power transducers. In-depth know-how in transducers and electronics provided the perfect technological culture to allow RCF to develop complete pro audio systems, bringing the company to a leading position in multiple audio markets over the years. From Hi-Fi to public address, portable loudspeakers and big concert systems


Ören Kablo entered into cable manufacturing sector with the manufacture of coaxial cables in 1979. Making up its principle to determine its strategies by continually following up the demands of the customers and development of its competitors taking place in the coaxial cable market and segment since its establishment, Ören Kablo has always succeeded to make the best use of advance technology in product and service production to provide customer satisfaction and loyalty in rapidly changing business world.

Carrying out its production activities in its modern manufacturing facilities located in Silivri Ortaköy Industrial Zone, Ören Kablo realising manufacturing wide range of products such as cable TV, digital satellite, data cables, interactive TV cables, CAT5, CAT6 LAN cables, signal command cables and fire warning cables; and at the same time, offers to the use of its customers the low fume and flame retarding versions of “halogen free” cable, which is also known as “fire proof cable” in the sector, for all the products taking place in this range.

Having a production capacity of 58 million metres coaxial cable annually, Ören Kablo initiated Physical Foam PE insulated cable production in the beginning of 2004 and currently meets 70% of Turkey’s digital broadcasting cable need by itself with the Gas Injection Skin/Foam/Skin triple injected Physical Foamed Polyethylene Extruder manufacturing line investment. Apart from its achievements in the Turkish market, Ören Kablo also exports to countries such as England, Israel, Egypt; Iraq, France, Italy, Germany, Greece, Bulgaria, Holland and Ukraine.

Manufacturing within the framework of ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management System, Ören Kablo adopted the principle of providing superior quality and sustainable customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Professional audio is essential in today’s complex building projects. The integrated Voice Evacuation and Public Address System is not a new technology in the market place. Requirements are dated from before 1990. In April 2011 a new standard will dominate, dictating manufacturers how to engineer their technology under the EN 54. As leading company in the Voice-Alarm market, ATEÏS well prepared the transition for their electronics and loudspeakers to secure our market position and take it into the next decade..


Deep roots, global vision. Since 1956.

Founded in 1956, Comelit Group SpA is an industrial company operating on a worldwide scale and specializing in the design and manufacture of video entry, video surveillance, anti-intrusion, home automation, access control and fire protection systems. The company has a strong international vocation thanks to its close ties with the area where it was created and in which its headquarters are still located today (Val Seriana, to be precise).

Focusing on mankind and his values.

Comelit has always placed mankind at the center of its vision. This humanist approach is evident in the company’s focus on its employees, in the organization of its working environment, in the ethics governing its relationships with suppliers and distributors, and in the partnership it fosters with installers. Every Comelit product expresses this vision, constructed on the basis of enduring values.

An international group.

Comelit exports to over 70 countries worldwide and, in addition to its Italian headquarters, has 15 branches located in strategic areas in which the company operates: from Europe to the Far East, the United States and the Middle East. This articulated sales structure integrates shared know-how with the awareness of specific requirements in each market.
Constant innovation, friendly technology.

Comelit makes constantly looking to the future its mission. Innovation through continuous investment in manpower and technology finds an outlet in the design of
new solutions dedicated to improving the quality of everyday life by maximizing simplicity and functionality

Security and Communication

We develop and manufacture Security and Integrated Communication systems for protection of people, buildings and assets
From its founding in 1971, Commend grew from a small family business into a large, globally recognized player providing Integrated Intercom Systems for People, Buildings and Assets.


At INTEREL we power the modern hotel through our Hotel of Things™ ecosystem by connecting people, devices, and data.

With our award-winning Guest Room Management System, the world’s first online Water Management System, and our connect smart™ IoT infrastructure, we revolutionize guest experience, increase operational efficiency, and drive sustainability in the hospitality industry.

INTEREL is backed by European technology investor, Jolt Capital SAS. Headquartered in Dubai, with offices across four continents, INTEREL’s solutions are deployed in over 30 countries and have been used by over 20 million guests.


Infinova is a one source solution provider for a complete range of CCTV surveillance system, fiber optic communication and security management software
Infinova’s specializes in offering Integrated Video Surveillance Solutions with a constant endeavor to deliver cutting-edge technology. Infinova’s Integrated Solution Portfolio comprises of IP Surveillance Cameras, Analog Surveillance Cameras, Specialized Cameras, Recorders, Video Management Software, Encoders/Decoders, Fiber Optics Transmission Devices, Industry Specialized Application Software and Custom Integration

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